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Welcome to the website of the College of Music, a member of the Berklee Global Partner network of Berklee College of Music. Founded in 1999, we are one of the leading contemporary music schools in South America.

Students of the COM-USFQ College of Music receive an unbeatable education in Latin America, where the academic excellence and ideals of USFQ meet with the revolutionary and exclusive programs that we have as an exclusive member of the International network of Berklee College of Music (Berklee Global Partner - BGP).

The best way to prepare our students for music careers is through the permanent study and practice of contemporary music. Berklee College of Music has been, for over half a century, the premier contemporary music school, whose members have collectively won over 294 Grammys and Latin Grammys.

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Undergraduate Programs (Majors)

We offer programs where you will gain solid knowledge, strengthen communication skills, critical thinking, and analysis and research, and receive a comprehensive humanist training.


We offer a multidisciplinary education supported by the versatility of global knowledge and methodologies.
About Us

USFQ's College of Music (CoM) is, without a doubt, the most important music school in Ecuador. For 18 years, the CoM has assumed the responsibility of preparing, strengthening, supporting, and believing in the country's musicians. A member of the prestigious Berklee International Network, the CoM has become a South American leader in teaching music production, contemporary music performance, and composition for contemporary media.

In addition to having a first-rate teaching body — recognized in various musical spaces in Ecuador and the world — the CoM promotes artistic-cultural dissemination. This is evidenced through its specialized seminars, concerts, events, guest artists, master classes, etc.

The program was born in 1999 as the Institute of Contemporary Music (IMC), with 26 students and 2 professors. In 2013 the IMC was transformed into the Music College, with more than 400 students and 27 professors today. Currently, the student population does not come only from Ecuador, but from different countries in America, thus creating an environment of true diversity and respect for different cultures. The CoM trains a new generation of professional musicians and producers, who will take on the challenge of developing and fostering culture and the new music industry.

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Shakespeare Theater - Santiago Gangotena Campus
Shakespeare Theater, University of San Francisco de Quito - Santiago Gangotena Campus


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