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About us

The Institute of Economics conducts research in various areas of the economy, emphasizing the applied work that guides the debate in Ecuador and contributes to the development of the country.

The USFQ Institute of Economics is a center for research and education on economic issues.

The members of the institute are professors from the USFQ Economics Department who specialize in various areas of the economy, including macroeconomics, economic development and growth, political economy, industrial organization, international economics, agricultural and natural resources economics, experimental economics and behavior, and agent models.

The objective of the institute is to carry out and promote research in economics at the highest level, in order to contribute to the academic debate in Ecuador and promote the development of the country. As part of this goal, the institute is responsible for Koyuntura periodicals. Also, in conjunction with the Economics Club (run by USFQ economics students), the institute is responsible for the periodical publication The Panchonomist.

Additionally, the institute conducts high-level summer courses for advanced economics students and professionals, as well as economic seminars of general interest.

The institute is also responsible for the quality of the economics degree at USFQ, including the curriculum and the development of new courses.

Research Interests

Social and behavioral sciences, Mathematics and statistics

Micro and macroeconomic analysis of the Ecuadorian economy in the short and long term, economic development, experiments in economics, complexity, public economics, industrial organization and competition policies, economics of education and health, behavioral economics.

Academic staff

The Institute of Economics conducts economic research, courses, and seminars at the highest level, contributing to the academic debate and development of Ecuador. The institute contributes to the continuous improvement of USFQ's economics program with the purpose of bringing excellent professionals to the market.


The Institute of Economics will be a benchmark in economic analysis in Ecuador and Latin America, recognized for the quality of its research and its graduates.


USFQ Research Associates 

  Santiago José Gangotena  
  Carlos Andrés Uribe  
  Pablo Vega-García  
  Luis Espinosa Goded, PhD(c)  
  Diego F. Grijalva, PhD Download CV.
  Sebastián Oleas, PhD(c) Download CV.
  Mónica Rojas, MSc Download CV.
  Pedro Romero, PhD Download CV.
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