Libro "The Cookbook of the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance"


Libro "The Cookbook of the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance"

This book is a cultural and culinary representation of each country and institution that belongs to the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance. Different traditions, ingredients, techniques and tastes comprise the wealth of our Alliance. Each member of our Alliance introduces here the most renowned dishes of their gastronomy.

This project was born with the idea to share with the world the best of our cuisines in a single volume, keeping the uniqueness, the history and especially the traditions of every country. Nevertheless the readers should know that the culinary diversity and richness of each country is enormous and this book only brings a little portion of the whole.

It has been a real thrill to put together all the recipes produced by recognized chefs and culinary instructors; they work with different languages, measurements and culinary techniques. However, we have to recognize the tremendous effort that each institution has made to make this book possible. We must give our heartfelt thanks to the dedication, collaboration and passionate involvement of the directors, professors and students in the production of the recipes and the photos. Sharing is one of our main principles, and for sure this book represents it in each and every single chapter.

This book is dedicated to every person that enjoys the gastronomic culture and respects tradition and heritage. To the culinary professionals, students and amateurs all over the world, our Worldwide Alliance is always open to help everyone enrich their culinary knowledge and enhance their gastronomic vocation.

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